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Periodontal offices take care of periodontal problems and healthy patients!

Many people are surprised to learn that periodontal offices take care of healthy patients as well as those with periodontal disease and that it is not necessary to be referred by your family dentist to visit our office. Our office specializes in diagnosing problems and providing treatment for concerns with the gums and bone. As a specialist, we are in a great position to assess your current periodontal status and work with you to reduce the risk of periodontal problems ever developing. This includes suggesting preventive oral hygiene techniques and tools that will promote periodontal health and providing cleaning services tailored to your specific periodontal condition whether your teeth and gums are healthy or have periodontal problems. Periodontal issues are usually much easier to treat and far less costly if identified early. We work in harmony with your family dentist to insure that your periodontal care in our office coordinates with any other dental treatment that may be planned to maintain or restore your dental health.

Some of the common signs of periodontal problems that you might identify are:

Red, puffy or bleeding gums often during tooth brushing
Pain during brushing or flossing
Loose teeth.
New spaces occurring between the teeth.
Bad Breath (Halitosis) or bad tastes in your mouth
Receding gums (Teeth are getting longer)

If your family dentist has mentioned that you have any of the following, they are also signs of periodontal problems:

Deep periodontal pockets
Loose teeth
Furcation Involvements
Bone loss around the teeth.
Bleeding when probing
Gum Recession
Thin gums or Minimal Attached Gingiva (MAG)

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