Sinus Lifts

Placement of Bone into the Sinus to Allow a Dental Implant to be Placed.
A sinus lift is a procedure completed in the back of the upper jaw to allow a dental implant to be placed where the sinus limits the available bone. When teeth are already missing or have recently been removed, the gums can be lifted in the back of the upper jaw to allow the surgeon to create a small window through the bone, into the sinus. Bone from bone banks, bone from other sites in the mouth or sometimes synthetic bone materials can be placed through this window into the floor of the sinus to create additional bone for a dental implant. The sinus is quite large and the added bone is quite small, so this has very little impact on the normal function of the sinus. There is usually very little discomfort associated with this procedure or the healing that occurs afterward. Depending on the amount of bone already present, sinus lifts might be completed at the same time a dental implant is placed, the same time a tooth is extracted or several months before an implant is placed or a tooth is extracted.