Gum and Bone Replacement

Placement of Gum and/or Bone where Teeth are Missing to Improve Appearance and/or reduce shadows Under Existing or Needed Restorations like Bridges.
Dental bridges (FPD-fixed partial denture) have been used for decades to replace missing teeth. Until dental implants emerged on the scene, they were the only way to replace missing teeth that did not involve a removable appliance. Now that dental implants are available for tooth replacement and with the increased interest in veneers and crowns to create beautiful smiles, we are re-examining the role the gums and bone play under bridges and between teeth in the overall esthetics of the smile. When the jawbone is narrow or gums are missing under bridges and between the teeth, shadows are created and black spaces occur that detract from the cosmetic appearance of thea teeth or the overall smile. In many cases we can replace missing gums or bone to restore the ridge (Ridge Augmentation) where a tooth is missing or help support the gums around the teeth to improve the appearance of the front teeth.