Reshaping of Bone During or After Tooth Extraction to Improve Contours in Preparation for Tooth Replacement.
Alveoloplasty is most often completed in conjunction with tooth removal but can be completed as an independent procedure. When teeth are removed, the extraction socket left behind often has sharp areas of bone under the gums. When the area heals, these sharp areas can poke through the overlying gums making the area very sore or if a removable appliance is in use, making it very difficult to wear the appliance comfortably. Alveoloplasty is a procedure where the sharp areas of bone are reshaped during the extraction to promote optimal contours of the ridge when healed, especially when removable restorations are planned or are currently in use. While most often completed in conjunction with the removal of one or more teeth, it can also be completed to reshape an area of the bone that is currently a source of irritation or that is affecting the fit of a dental appliance.