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When you step into our office, you’ll discover a team focused on offering you an unprecedented health care experience.  Dr. Ginosatis' expertise is in preserving and improving the critical support system for your teeth. Our approach helps ensure an optimal foundation for your smile, producing a lifetime of benefits.

At Woodinville Periodontics, we bring you into a discerning family of patients that value a compassionate touch.  Your input matters here.  Dr. Ginosatis' guidance offers you the freedom to choose a course of treatment that fits you best...

Your Comfort is Our Top Priority

During all treatments, your comfort and safety are an integral part of our service. Our compassionate team provides pillows, blankets, and a warm environment to help you feel secure and relaxed. They are sensitive to your needs and attentive to your input while maintaining impeccable cleanliness and providing outstanding care.  

Services to Optimize Oral Health

Periodontal (gum) health is foundational to the life-long health of your smile. We provide a vast array of services to restore, preserve, and promote oral health. Our essential dental care services include: 

With a Doctorate in Dental Medicine and Master of Science in Dentistry, Dr. Ginosatis' passion and talent for healthcare is well-established. Many fellow dental professionals rely on his proven skills and expertise to treat their patients’ periodontal needs as well as some of their own. Dr. Ginosatis is a team player, supporting and communicating effectively with both patients and colleagues.

Restore Your Periodontal and Oral Health at Woodinville Periodontics

When you need specialized care, Dr. Ginosatis and his friendly team make your journey to oral health pleasant, effective, and encouraging. He can help treat and correct periodontal ailments to regain oral health, helping you attain new found pride and beauty in your smile.

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