A frenectomy is used to remove the small fold of tissue under the upper lip when it is holding the upper front teeth apart or when it is pulling on the gum line. It can sometimes be used in other areas of the mouth where folds of tissue are pulling on the gums and to release the tongue when tongue movement is restricted by the fold of tissue under the base of the tongue.

Patient A


Before Frenectomy                                                                   After Frenectomy

This patient underwent orthodontic treatment to close a large space between the two upper front teeth. The before photo shows the fold of tissue under the upper lip extending to the gum line between the front two teeth before treatment. The after photo shows the same two teeth with the frenum (fold of tissue) removed. The gum lines on the front teeth were also trimmed in the after photo to expose more of the tooth improving the appearance of the teeth once the braces were removed.