Esthetic Tooth Lengthening

This procedure is simply the removal of gum tissue. While it originated as a treatment for periodontal disease involving pockets, it is most often used today to remove excess gum tissue to expose the entire crown of the tooth.  This improves the smile by creating normal tooth proportions as they relate to tooth width and height. It is also used to remove excessive gum tissue that builds up during orthodontic treatment, or to recontour the gums in the front of the mouth when esthetic veneers or crowns are being placed to create a beautiful smile.


Crown Lengthening
This procedure is necessary when teeth are short but extra gum tissue is not the cause, or when the type of gum tissue dictates. It removes a little bone to create the ideal tooth length. The procedure has the same final appearance as the gingivectomy, but also recontours the bone so it supports the gums and creates the optimal biologic relationship between the gums, bone and teeth. While this procedure sounds involved, the bone removal is limited to the minimum necessary and never exceeds what the teeth can support. It often involves only the bone that is not supporting the teeth and can be more stable over the long term than the gingivectomy.