Crown Lengthening

Removal of Gum and/or Bone to Expose Decay Under the Gums, Make Broken Teeth Longer or Expose More Tooth to Retain Needed Restorations or make Gums Healthier Around Existing Restorations.
Crown lengthening is often recommended when restorations are needed and where decay has developed under the gums, teeth have broken off, teeth are short from severe wear, or sometimes when teeth are just to short to allow a new restoration to stay in place. It can also be indicated if gums bleed around restorations already in place or to improve the esthetic appearance of short or severely worn teeth in a cosmetic area. When completed, the procedure results in a tooth that is longer than before the procedure and gives the appearance that gum tissue has been removed. In reality, the position of the gumline is determined by the bone underneath, so crown lengthening involves pulling the gums back to gain access to the bone, much like osseous surgery. In this case, there are usually no bone craters, so the roots are cleaned and the bone is reshaped until the gums sit at the desired position to create the needed tooth length.