Esthetic Crown Lengthening - Crown Lengthening

Crown or tooth lengthening is completed to improve the esthetic appearance of the teeth or to expose more of the tooth for the placement of restorations.

Esthetic Tooth Lengthening exposes more of the tooth in a visible area of the mouth so that the tooth appears longer and has a nice cosmetic appearance. It may involve removal only of excess gum tissue using a gingivectomy procedure, or might require recontouring of the bone as in a conventional crown lengthening procedure.

Crown Lengthening has the same final appearance as the gingivectomy, but also contours the bone to support the gums and creates the optimal biologic relationship between the gums, bone and teeth.

Patient A


                          Before Esthetic Crown Lengthening                                                              After Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This patient always thought she had short teeth and a “gummy” smile. The bone was very close to the neck of the tooth which pushed the gums onto the enamel of the tooth giving the tooth the short appearance. The gums on the front teeth were lifted and the bone recontoured so that the gum line could be placed at the neck of the tooth where it belonged making the teeth appear longer improving their appearance.