Dental Implant Placement Post-Op Instructions

The placement of a dental implant is generally a painless procedure both during the procedure and after. If you find that you are experiencing a lot of discomfort, you should contact our office.

It is very important that a dental implant does not undergo any biting pressure during the initial stages of healing. Do not intentionally chew on a dental implant that was recently placed. If you are wearing a removable appliance make sure the appliance is not putting pressure on the area of the dental implant. It is normal for the appliance to be tight or not fit as well during the first few days following your surgery as some localized swelling will occur.

If you experience swelling beyond the first week after placement, please contact our office. Dental implants can create some swelling right after placement, but generally there are no symptoms after the first 2 weeks after placement.

We will usually prescribe an antibiotic to be taken after a dental implant has been placed since the dental implant is foreign to your body. Please take the antibiotic as directed and make sure you take the entire prescription until it is gone.