Frenectomy Post-Op Instructions

When a frenectomy is completed under the upper lip or the tongue, the area treated often becomes tender. Occasionally, speech will be altered for a few days after the surgery. This results from protecting the lip or tongue from movement due to the tenderness that occurs after the surgery and will pass as the tenderness resolves.

If the frenum was removed with a scalpel, a special suturing technique is used that hides the knots under the tissue. It is still very important, however that you or your child not chew on the lip or ends of the suture as it can lead to an infection.

If a laser was used to remove the frenum, the area will appear burned and have a brown color to the wound edge.  This is the area of cautery that is preventing bleeding.  While the wound appears open, food will not accumulate and the wound will heal quickly, usually within 7-10 days.