Ridge Augmentation Post-Op Instructions

A ridge augmentation procedure involves placing small bone particles and a dissolvable membrane under your gums to build out the bone where the ridge is deficient. The small bone particles are generally the size of coarse salt and a few particles usually find a way to work themselves out. This is of no consequence since plenty of bone was placed during the procedure. Simply discard the particles and if they were inadvertently swallowed, there is no need to worry.

The dissolvable membrane placed under your gums can take 3-4 months to fully dissolve. During this time, small portions of the membrane or a corner can protrude through the gums. If this is uncomfortable, you can contact our office to have the protruding portion removed. It will however, usually break down and fall off on its own shortly after it becomes exposed. Please do not try to remove it yourself as there is quite a bit more under your gums and if it is disturbed or moved during healing, it can reduce the amount of bone growth we obtain or cause the procedure not to be successful.

We will usually prescribe an antibiotic to be taken after a ridge augmentation since the dissolvable membrane and bone particles are foreign to your body and since there may be dissolvable sutures under your gums. Please take the antibiotic as directed and make sure you take the entire prescription until it is gone.

It is also important to minimize pressure on the ridge during healing as the bone particle could become displaced. Do not intentionally chew on the area. If you wear a removable appliance, make sure it is not applying excessive pressure to the ridge. Contact our office if you feel the appliance is not fitting correctly or are experiencing excessive pressure on the ridge. It is normal for the appliance to be a little tight for a few days after the ridge augmentation surgery.