Sinus Lifts Post-Op Instructions

The post-operative care for a sinus lift is the same whether it was completed by itself, in conjunction with a tooth extraction or in conjunction with the placement of a dental implant. The sinus lift procedure creates an access window into your sinus. It is important that pressure changes be minimized during the initial stages of healing. Try to avoid sneezing and blowing your nose for 6-8 weeks after the surgery. If you find it necessary to do either, make sure you allow the pressure to escape. Do not hold your breath when sneezing or blowing your nose.

It is normal to experience a little bleeding from your nose after a sinus lift procedure. The sinuses all drain into the nose, so any bleeding from the surgery will end up there. The bleeding should be minimal and probably not very detectable. If you experience anything more than very minor bleeding, please contact the office.

We will usually prescribe an antibiotic to be taken after a sinus lift procedure since the bone placed is foreign to your body. Please take the antibiotic as directed and make sure you take the entire prescription until it is gone.