Torus Removal Post-Op Instructions

While it is possible to remove a torus (extra bone) as a separate procedure, we are usually completing this procedure as part of pocket reduction surgery or crown lengthening, so the post-operative instructions for those procedures would apply here.

Very rarely, a small sharp area of bone can poke through the gums in the area the torus (bone) was removed. This is called a sequestrum and occurs when gums are very thin and the bone becomes sharp during the remodeling that occurs with this type of surgery. The sequestrum will usually take care of itself. It will usually heal by the gums growing back over the bone or by the small piece working its way out. Unfortunately, this can take several months and the area can be uncomfortable while it is healing. If you suspect that you have one of these areas and it is very uncomfortable, contact our office to have the sequestrum removed or recontoured.