Healthy Gums Encourage A Strong Smile

Periodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that treats the gums, alveolar (jaw) bone, and other supporting tissues integral to your oral health. Without healthy gums, your teeth are at great risk of becoming loose and even falling out.

When you have critical gum health issues, contact a leader and expert in periodontal care. Dr. Demetri Ginosatis is experienced in repairing damage and restoring health to teeth and gums. We can provide you with the exemplary care you need for a stronger, healthier smile.

Periodontal Treatments to Preserve and Protect Your Smile

At Woodinville Periodontics, all facets of your periodontal health can be treated. These treatments provide thorough regular or deep cleaning, returning health to your gums. Moderate to severe gum disease is often treated with scaling and root planing, gingivitis can also be treated using nonsurgical techniques and oral health can be maintained through routine cleanings.  

Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease. If deep cleanings are not enough, it can sometimes require surgery to sanitize the deep pockets ridding them of infection. Other periodontal surgical procedures can remove the infection, regenerate gum tissue, and treat other issues to restore health to the teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Periodontics for Dental Implant Restorations

If gum disease has already caused tooth and bone loss, periodontal treatment can often add bone volume and make your jaw strong enough to support dental implants. Dental implant restorations are incomparable in their ability to return form and function to your smile.

Why Gum Disease Needs Professional Attention

Bacterial plaque can calcify into tartar deposits, which are impossible to remove without professional dental attention. Tartar can develop deep under the gums and on the tooth roots and it harbors colonies of bacteria. Tartar also creates a barrier between your gums and your teeth that can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Expert and Compassionate Care

Periodontics treats oral health issues that are critical to the preservation and well-being of your smile. 

Contact Woodinville Periodontics for trusted and compassionate care that restores your oral health.